What´s this all about?

  • #1, by DANOSAURMonday, 01. September 2014, 17:06 7 years ago
    This group is dedicated to the Art of Storytelling.

    Not particularly in Adventure Games only, cause I think when it comes to building a Story/Narrative/Plot it would be ridiculous to exclude literature, comic, film, etc.

    I would love to have people talking and discussing their approaches and techniques to storytelling.
    So, here we go. Feel free to start a discussion here any time.

    I am excited to see this grow.



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  • #2, by marvelFriday, 05. September 2014, 16:46 7 years ago
    Well, let's start! smile The most important thing regarding "storytelling" is a good, basic story idea. grin

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