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  • #1, by titanicpiano14Thursday, 16. February, 16:57 A month ago
    I am Sam Foster, a freelance game composer. I've scored numerous indie games, animation, and films. I'm currently available for new projects.

    Recent credits include OVRLRD and Harbingers of Desspair

    For a full list of credits, demo reels, and contact info, visit: 

    If interested in custom music, contact me via email (on my website) or on my website's online contact form. 

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  • #2, by flatley-richieFriday, 10. March, 08:35 2 weeks ago
    After reading your most recent responses and playing around with the play snake game, I believe I have a fundamental comprehension of how the system operates at this point. I am looking forward to conducting additional experiments in order to determine how I can make everything function properly. Many, many thanks to each and every one of you!


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  • #3, by titanicpiano14Monday, 20. March, 19:05 A week ago
    I am scoring Harbingers of Desspair, an RPG

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