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    This is a sticky post for board rules and background information. You cannot answer to this thread. If you have additional suggestions, please write a pm to my hands. 

    Visionaire Studio enables you to create games without having to type a single line of code. You just click and select! Bring your game to life in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months. What would usually take you ages to achieve via programming can be done much faster due to our event system which allows you to effortlessly combine pre-made actions, queries and code. You find everything you need on this website.

    There are several great Tutorials available on Youtube. Please see here:

    German Tutorials:

    English Tutorials:

    Register for your forum and ask for help there. Besides the forum there are many tutorials available on youtube as well as several demogames that you can edit and learn from.

    You bought a license? That's awesome and we are very happy for your support. Please keep in mind that we are a very small company and we need every support we can get. Please download your licensed software package on the license page. 
    A game consists of a thousand parts - like rooms, music, sounds, inventory, items and many more. This means a lot of management and organization. To get it done efficiently, you should think about an effective way to manage your tasks. We developed a project management solution for this purpose: LYRIA makes it easy for you to manage and coordinate your tickets.

    You have several members who work with you on your project? With LYRIA you can manage all these people and assign tasks.

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