Shader_Exclude "object text"

  • #1, by red363Tuesday, 07. June, 02:07 3 weeks ago

    Tell me, please, is it possible to exclude the influence of the shader on the "object text".



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  • #2, by mulewaTuesday, 07. June, 10:22 3 weeks ago
    That are all shader exclude functions, choose one and add as definition script

    game.ShaderExclude = eShaderExcludeInterfaces -- stops shader effects from affecting interfaces, texts & mouse cursors etc.
    game.ShaderExclude = eShaderExcludeNothing --standard, exclude nothing.
    game.ShaderExclude = eShaderExcludeTextsAndCursor --exclude text on top, cursor.
    game.ShaderExclude = eShaderExcludeCursor --exclude cursor


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