[Reminder] Official Visionaire Studio Discord Server

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    New  post seeing as the old one is broken & won't let me bump it anymore.

    Anyway, just a quick reminder for anyone that doesn't yet know. We have our own Discord server with over 500 members. You will often find me, Simon, our moderators, & a bunch of regulars floating about on there most of the time.

    Please feel to join us, & strike up conversations with other Visionaire Studio game developers, or ask for help via our forum section, or post bugs into our bug-report channel, or find people to collaborate on game projects & game jam projects with. We also have plenty of other chatroom channels available that cover a variety of things to do with Visionaire Studio & game development in general.

    You can join via this invite link, or via the discord logo in the footer (the button on the right side of the footer).




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