Kickstarter-prohibition with new license?

  • #50, by Simon_ASATuesday, 15. April 2014, 12:14 8 years ago
    Maybe some users will publish more than one game in a year.

    This can be true for pro developers, but I don't believe that an indie dev will sell several games a year, they're too long and exhausting to develop correctly. In the case of the pro version of VS, it's ok to pay more + a fee. But I still can't agree on the indie version. An indie dev is trying to start something, to grow, to build both his game and his society. If you add more troubles to him, there's no way he can become a studio and buy the pro version someday... My game ASA has been greenlit 2 weeks ago. It took one year and a half. In the meantime I didn't earn money from it. Do people realise how difficult it is to be greenlit and sell a game on Steam ? It's not just posting the game on greenlight and waiting...
    What I want here is not to complain and say blablabla. If my business grows and if I can make games in better conditions, then I'll be happy to buy the Pro version. However I think it's crazy to release an Indie version with a %fee. That's all. You'll probably lose a lot of potential buyers. It's just my opinion though...


    If you buy Windows 8 and do not use the internal media player - would you go on and say to microsoft: "Hey, I'm not using the media player, so I don't want to pay so much."

    Yes, that's exactly what happened already. Microsoft had been assigned in justice by the European council commission because they sell their own products within Windows... Many people were complaining that they don't use the microsoft internet browser. Microsoft lost and paid.

    Before you buy a product, you will inform you about it. Then you know what the product can do and what you need from it. Then you make a decision.

    Yes, exactly ! I know what VS3 can do and it was great so I bought it (except for the bugs that I expected to be fixed, and I totally agree to pay for this). And indeed I will informe myself before buying VS4. I'll wait for the translation from german. I know what VS4 can do, and there's 90% of the new features that I don't need right now. What I need is an engine oriented to create 1st person adventures, so a native 360 panorama feature would have been welcome.
    I insist that I don't say all this to complain... I'm explaining my point of view so the VS team can have different opinions from different devs.

    Anyway, if I'm the only one who doesn't want to pay a %fee as long as I'm indie, then it's OK. I won't complain, and I let the developers of VS manage their own business. I think it's fair. But please, please, release a final V3 with bugs fixed !!! It shouldn't take much efforts since the V4 is done !

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  • #51, by const4ntineTuesday, 15. April 2014, 12:59 8 years ago
    Some advices:

    Indie licence

    Visionaire 49$ Win/Mac, no Kickstarter restriction, no crazy 10% fee:

    iOS export + 49$
    Android export +49$
    3D support +49$

    Ofcourse with your sales limit

    And you'll gain more money then charging 10% every game because people can be pissed about Kickstarter thing and that 10% and will give you nothing.

    Licences other than indie are unreachable for many of us. Like me, in my country we have 300 euros for whole month, and you must pay for room, food and nearly nothing is left at the end of the month. I can't even dream about better visio licence.

    You should create separate licences for companies and private people,


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