Cool image effects with easing functions

  • #10, by LebosteinWednesday, 20. May 2015, 11:58 9 years ago
    Ok, thanks.

    To point 3: reseting with zero works. But it gives strange effects if I try to reset and restart a tween. The rotation speed decreases with every restart:
    object:to(0, {Rotation = 0})
    object:to(1000, {Rotation = math.rad(360)}, easeLinearOut, true)

    Maybe I need a pause between the calls...

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  • #11, by afrlmeWednesday, 20. May 2015, 12:12 9 years ago
    Probably or maybe you need to set loop to false? I've not gotten round to testing it all that thoroughly yet.

    Either way a 1ms pause should probably be enough.


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  • #12, by constantinWednesday, 17. May 2017, 14:58 7 years ago
    could you please post the script you use for the trees and the balloons? i tried and it looks good. but i cant figure out how to use it for trees or soft animations like gras in the wind.

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  • #13, by sebastianWednesday, 17. May 2017, 15:16 7 years ago
    Hey Constantin, 

    for waving grass and tree branches, etc you need the script mentioned here:

    it seems that it only works for VS5, though

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  • #14, by joemidThursday, 18. May 2017, 03:05 7 years ago
    Sorry, when I sent you here, I didn't know the link was dead!  ;D Here is a link to a copy of Lebostein's orginal file...


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  • #15, by constantinThursday, 18. May 2017, 11:27 7 years ago
    thank you :-)

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  • #16, by LebosteinSaturday, 09. September 2017, 12:47 7 years ago
    I have updated the download link in the first post:

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  • #17, by dionousSaturday, 09. September 2017, 13:52 7 years ago
    Thanks so much for that!

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