Bitmap Font Template?

  • #10, by MachtnixTuesday, 21. February 2017, 19:59 3 years ago
    Thanks for your helpfulness! I don't miss it because I downloaded the file a year ago. wink wink

    But at the time I can't access to post it because of a running backup.

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  • #11, by EinzelkämpferTuesday, 21. February 2017, 20:02 3 years ago
    Macht nix...


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  • #12, by GlenfxWednesday, 22. February 2017, 00:17 3 years ago
    I created this one and I had to expand it for Fate of Atlantis SE to have some characters for french, german and spanish.

    Just select the font layers and choose the font you want to use and set the effects you want it to have.

    the alphabet setup in visionare should be set to this (I dont know if most of you would see it though):



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