4.2 and font borders

  • #20, by afrlmeFriday, 23. October 2015, 12:00 6 years ago
    There's no fixed date. The devs are waiting on one of the other devs to finish some stuff up, but said dev is a bit busy with other things at the minute, so... it'll be ready when it's ready. Hopefully sometime over next month or so (fingers crossed as there's some nice additions & fixes to the next build from what I've read in the changelog).


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  • #21, by armhansonTuesday, 10. November 2015, 19:09 6 years ago
    Looking forward to the update as well to help with my TTF. I should also have a DEMO READY SOON!!! Well, could be a couple months, but my team and I have been working up a quality story of legend and lampoonery coming your way soon. We're stoked to start sharing what we've been working on.


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