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  • #10, by afrlmeMonday, 15. August, 13:02 A month ago
    On you all hanging out at Discord... I'll go there for my next questions. But some advice from someone who just found VS and wants to evaluate if it suits my needs: a forum for me is an indicator if the softeware is still alive. I want to find out if there is a big enough cummunity to assure me I will get help when I need it. So you might want to remove this forum and place a link to the Discord forum. 
    This forum is still used, it's just not as efficient as Discord is because once you post you have to sit around twiddling your thumbs while you wait for a reply which could take hours or days or never if your post gets overlooked. We don't have the forum open all day scouring for new posts, but Discord is nice as you can have it running in the background or on another screen while you are doing something else & can see either via notifications if some else mentions you or if there's new messages in a channel via an indicator icon next to a server icon.

    Both me & Simon are online most days & have Discord open most of the time. We don't always respond to things, but we also have 3 moderators & a bunch of active community members who are always willing to provide answers if they can or have a discussion about various things.

    Also, there is a link to our Discord server, it's the funny looking logo on the right side of the footer section - there did used to be links to the twitter & facebook accounts too, will have to ask Simon where those disappeared to.


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  • #11, by fedor-van-eldijkWednesday, 24. August, 08:06 A month ago
    Back on topic again: It was not clear to me that VS also allows FBX. That works, but you need to select * or *.* as file type otherwise you won't see the file.


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  • #12, by NigecWednesday, 24. August, 12:58 A month ago
    Yeah I mentioned this on the Discord channel in the bug section.. not really a bug but it's a pain and some of the file filters it does have seem pointless

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