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  • #20, by NigecSunday, 07. July 2013, 17:46 11 years ago
    I made a interactive one using the Lassie game engine , I can't really remember why I didn't pursue it, I think it was more the fact I was getting frustrated with the engines quirkiness and as I got better at using it, it was breaking more often, the last 2 games ended up a salvage job

    Every time I use Joomla I end up not being able to do feck all, I think the themes add the access lock or something like that, I'm not that server savy

    My intention for the site was going to be a 3D modelling portfolio, when I got this PC I was going to try and get some work but that would mean going mainstream and it bores me, I don't think I have the right mentality to work with someone else

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  • #21, by afrlmeMonday, 08. July 2013, 14:27 11 years ago
    hmm there's plenty of really nice html5/ajax/jquery portfolio scripts...
    check out codrops website:


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