[SOLVED] Lightmap from VS 4.2.5 to VS 5

  • #20, by afrlmeThursday, 08. June 2017, 15:19 4 years ago
    Hm, I did this, but it was an earlier version of r5. Maybe it was still a bug. 

    I don't know. I just mean for images/animations in general. Marian exports them as png files from cinema4d, then I convert them to webp lossless format to import into Visionaire Studio. Should work fine with both 4.2.5 & all versions of 5.x as far as I'm aware.


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  • #21, by MachtnixThursday, 08. June 2017, 15:25 4 years ago
    Thats my way too. In 4.2.5 it works. 

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