Weitere Funktionen für den Editor / More features for the editor

  • #1, by thomas-fringsTuesday, 15. June, 11:06 A month ago
    Die Visionaire Engine ist großartig, aber es könnte noch besser sein.

    Ich habe früher mit dem Software Toolkit „Click & Play“ gearbeitet und die Programmierung war objektorientiert, also ideal für Anfänger. Doch diese alte Software aus dem Jahre 1994 bietet mehr Aktionsteile, um möglich wenig selber zu programmieren.

    Folgende Aktionsteile könnte in Zukunft in die Engine ergänzt werden:
    - Person nach Person ausrichten
    - Objekt rotieren (Richtung, Geschwindigkeit, Dauer/oder unendlich)
    - Objekt skalieren (Skalarierungsfaktor, Geschwindigkeit, Dauer)
    - Objekt verschieben (ist bereits implementiert)

    Das erspart das Programmieren in Lua und die unnötigen vielen Fragen im Forum.

    Besonders hilfreich wäre die Funktion „mehrere Animationsbilder entfernen“. Der Anwender müsste nicht jedes Animationsbild einzeln löschen. Diese Funktion vermisse ich schon seit langer Zeit in Visionaire.

    The Visionaire engine is great, but it could be even better. 

    I used to work with the software toolkit "Click & Play" and the programming was object oriented, so ideal for beginners. But this old software from 1994 offers more action parts to program little. 

    The following action parts could be added to the engine in the future:
    - Align person by person
    - Rotate object (direction, speed, duration/or infinite)
    - Scale object (scaling factor, speed, duration)
    - Move object (is already implemented)

    This will save programming in Lua and the unnecessary many questions in the forum.

    The "remove multiple animation frames" feature would be especially helpful. The user would not have to delete each animation frame individually. I miss this function for a long time in Visionaire.


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 15. June, 17:54 A month ago
    Simon added the ability to delete multiple animation frames for character animations via the animation frame tab on the right hand column. I'm not sure why he hasn't implemented that in scenes, interfaces, etc too.

    Yeah, I agree that there could be a lot more action parts & if query action parts. By the way, you can do some of the things you mentioned with scripting. Select a scene object then click on the behaviours tab. There's one called transform that will let you change the rotation, scale etc of the object, but I think it just changes the default values for it. There's also the visual scripting system, which works similar to action parts, but with nodes. I've not used it myself, so I'm not sure how it works, but I believe it should be possible to do some interesting things with that without having to actually write any code - well, if you can figure out how to use it, that is.

    In regards to aligning the character to another character, it's very easy with code. Literally a few words, but I know you don't want to code. Anyway, most npc tend to be in static positions so you can use align character action part & link it to the object the npc is set to.

    Quick note: aligning to anything is very hit & miss in general because you are aligning from the characters feet (or wherever you set the animation center position) to the objects interaction position, or again the feet position if an npc is involved, which might not be the correct aligment based on where your character is currently stood in the scene.


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  • #3, by MachtnixWednesday, 07. July, 19:50 3 weeks ago
    Yes, EVERY can easily be done with scripting. But he's right: some features are missing in the editor for  a long time. Deleting more than one frame WILL BE GREAT! I often delete the whole movie and import a shorter one - it's quicker... wink

    I'm afraid that the "old" features fall into oblivion to rise new ones. But at the end of the day neither the old nor the new ones work well... wink

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