VS5 Crashes when Adding new Object Animation

  • #1, by dionousThursday, 01. June 2017, 10:52 7 years ago
    Hello to all,

    VS5 (1188) always crashes in my laptop when i try to add + a new object animation.

    See attached relevant dump files for your info below.


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  • #2, by SimonSThursday, 01. June 2017, 10:58 7 years ago
    Hi, your ved seems pretty destroyed, a lot of things are linked to the wrong object, I need a sample of that.

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  • #3, by dionousThursday, 01. June 2017, 15:30 7 years ago
    Thanks Simon,

    Have sent you a PM with the ved.

    It seems that the problem comes and go, i cannot replicate it always.

    The ved file is an ex-VS4 version file which i opened and saved in VS5 at some point, if this makes any difference.


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