Visionaire Studio Bugfix Update 5.0.5

  • #80, by afrlmeMonday, 11. June 2018, 14:31 2 years ago
    Just to let you know I solved my problem, I re installed the NVidia drivers  and they've replaced whatever MS had screwed up
    I already had these drtivers installed hence why I thought they were ok obviously not lol

    The recent windows 10 update messed up a lot of things for me too on my pc. Also had to reinstall my amd gpu drivers & a bunch of other stuff & go through settings on various apps again. I had to reinstall/re-download a bunch of games on Steam too as they were no longer installed. Windows for you, eh? At least they seem to have resolved the random crashing & freezing issues that came with the previous update.


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  • #81, by NigecMonday, 11. June 2018, 14:47 2 years ago
    I noticed LEGO Jurassic World saves had messed up and it took 45 seconds to a minute to start and stop, I just had a black screen, looking up the problem it was a D3D thing like VS
    Windows 10 has been quite painless, but my PC was built so it just uses run of the mile parts, its not like our Compaq laptop which is a PITA trying to find stuff that works..

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