Visionaire SHADER ToolKit Demo

  • #10, by andy-rinaldiFriday, 14. November 2014, 14:19 8 years ago
    Thanks to all!!!

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  • #11, by ke4Sunday, 24. May 2015, 15:58 8 years ago
    Hi, I tried to use the shader effect just for object according to the Unreal's demo, but it's not working in my project. I don't understand to those scripts in the demo.

    Please, what is the most basic way/syntax to apply the effect on object?

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  • #12, by unrealSunday, 24. May 2015, 16:25 8 years ago
    First of all you need to be in Visionaire 4.1 or above.

    Copy the scripts "ShaderToolKit" and "ShaderExclude" (to exclude fx on the interface) scripts to your project and the effects that you wish to use (also make sure that the 'definition script' is turned ON in the properties of the scripts).

    Then change the last line of the script you want to use to the name of the object you want the effect on, for exemple in the 'Ripple2 FX' :
    'Objects.Heart.ShaderSet = 1'

    to something like this :
    'Objects.SOMETHINGLIKETHIS.ShaderSet = 1

    If you're adventurous, you can tweak the values of each FX in the ShaderToolKit script.


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  • #13, by afrlmeSunday, 24. May 2015, 16:28 8 years ago
    It could be that the shader toolkit script included in his project file is no longer valid. Try replacing it with the one on the wiki.

    I created this little function. It only allows you to specify one shader object effect at a time though.

    function setObjectEffect(eff)
     bind(eff, "time", field("shader_iTime"))
     shaderSetOptions({{shader = shader_effects[eff].num(), comp_dst=5, comp_src=4 }}, 1)

    example of setting effect...

    example of applying effect to an object...
    game.CurrentScene.SceneObjects["object_name"].ShaderSet = 1

    example of removing effect from object...
    game.CurrentScene.SceneObjects["object_name"].ShaderSet = 0


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  • #14, by ke4Sunday, 24. May 2015, 16:51 8 years ago
    Thanks guys,

    My lake is alive now because of you.
    I wish i was that adventurous grin

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  • #15, by PaupasiaTuesday, 06. October 2015, 13:39 7 years ago
    Thank you so much for this very useful demo that allowed me to understand and see how the shader toolkit works! Now, changing some setting, I finally got my little lovely waves!

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  • #16, by LebosteinTuesday, 06. October 2015, 19:25 7 years ago
    Thanks! It is a great mystery to me why the developers of Visionaire do not publish such demos.

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  • #17, by marvelTuesday, 06. October 2015, 21:52 7 years ago
    It's just a matter of time and manpower. That's why we are more than happy to have the help of ambitious users like AFRLme. smile

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