Unfortunately, Ninja! my game made in Visionaire Studio on Kickstarter

  • #1, by marco-roncoSunday, 01. May, 15:57 A month ago
    Hello guys ^_^

    Today my childhood dream could be true.
    I've finally published my game "Unfortunately Ninja" on Kickstarter.

    In this game you play as Akio, a teen who loves graphic adventures, and overnight you will find yourself catapulted deep into Japan in search of the mother kidnapped by mysterious deadly Ninjas™.

    Giant cats, weird characters, wise grannies pouring tea, and the inevitable demons of Japanese tradition will accompany our hero in this point-and-click adventure that deliberately recalls our favorite game: Monkey Island, for its humor and interface.
    A trip worldwide, from Japan to China, from Transylvania to Venice, to become “unfortunately ninja.”

    I would like to thank @SimonS and @AFRLme and the whole Visionaire Community for your help and support. 

    I hope the Kickstarter will go great! 

    You can also download the demo (4 hours) for Windows, Mac and Linux smile



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  • #2, by tom-barnetFriday, 06. May, 14:44 3 weeks ago
    Congatulations and good luck! Looks really great! smile How did you paint all that?


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  • #3, by MateuszFriday, 06. May, 16:23 3 weeks ago
    Looks stunning! Incredible gfx, congrats.


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