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  • #140, by afrlmeMonday, 05. October 2015, 20:20 5 years ago
    I think it's more complicated than that.

    A lot of campaigners promise things that they end up not being able to deliver. Or they don't deliver anywhere near the given delivery timeframe. Or they don't deliver exactly what they promised & the backers end up with some sub-par nonsense. I'm not just talking about games, but various types of campaigns in general.

    Quite a lot of people blame Schafer for all that rubbish that went on with Double Fine Adventure that went on to become "Broken Age" in which he raised $3.3 million (over $2.9 million over the base target) & then pretty much went on to claim that it wasn't enough money to make what he has in mind. The end result of the game (don't know if you've played it) but I could probably have created something of equal measure with a tiny team for a fraction of the price.


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  • #141, by tristan-kangMonday, 05. October 2015, 20:34 5 years ago
    I just watched the comments section and all talking about where the hell developers are and box things.

    No response after backed up should make devs refund all money to backers. It's simple.

    The utmost things kickstarters should do is set kickstarter goal realistic rather than keep spamming "I can create God if you fund me so please fund me plz plz plz".

    It's like politician. They can say whatever they want to get votes, but they actually fulfil what they said? Only a few did.

    It's getting bummer everyday. smile

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