Stuck like a noob Part 1

  • #1, by latoxineWednesday, 27. August 2014, 16:45 10 years ago

    I just begin to ''understand'' conditions, have watched the tuto but there are things I can't do. ( millions ? )
    I'm not even able to open a locked door similar let's say to a hiden secret passage ( condition false ? ) with an item.

    For example let's say I want to unlock this passage ( in fact an objet area drawn on an image ) with an item, a big gold key ! And only with the use cursor. Yes, because i want !

    -The passage need to active the cursor, be able to be clicked to show a message frome character ( Oh, a secret locked door...I wish I had a big gold key)

    _With my actuel knowledge, If I set the condition to false, ''the door'' ( objet area draw on the image ) is hiden, and nothing work on it. Look, nothing.

    I think I need a more specific choice, or further conditions, but I don't see. How do you manage this basic actions please ?

    -I use the switch interface, I don't know if it's important ( so left click have look, use, take,walk,talk )

    EDIT : I managed trying with '' item dropped '' and a switch scene actions, but I can't with only the use cursor. ( execute on objet/cursor USE/siwtch etc...)
    AND I have to drop the item each time...Wich is not the goal.


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 27. August 2014, 17:32 10 years ago
    Conditions assigned to the properties tab of a scene object determine if the object should be active or inactive based on the boolean value (true or false) of the linked condition. In essence, if the condition is false then it will hide the object & all actions associated with the object will also be inactive.

    If you want to keep it active then you should add the condition as an if query inside of the action needed to unlock the door etc.
    -- item dropped "key" actions
    if condition "door_locked" is true
     change condition "door_locked" to false
    end if

    -- left click (execute at destination) on door
    if condition "door_locked" is false
     play animation "door_open" & wait
     change condition "door_closed" to false
    end if

    ...something like this...

    Hopefully you get the general idea?

    P.S: you may find this useful to look over:


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  • #3, by latoxineWednesday, 27. August 2014, 17:45 10 years ago

    Thank you, I'm going to try to understand what you wrote, find where to put it, and try to use it for what I want to do. ;-)

    I have no animation of open door to do, but a way to an other scene to be available.


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  • #4, by afrlmeThursday, 28. August 2014, 01:43 10 years ago
    it was just an example of action parts. wink


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