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  • #10, by jf-mWednesday, 06. October, 17:44 2 weeks ago
    Ok, here what i did:

    - Game properties > "at begin start following action":
    if autosave #99 exists
    delete autosave #99
    call "call by other action" 
    execute script 'scriptportrait'
    end if

    -scenes > menu > "start game button" ("bouton démarrer"):
                - Left click:
                            execute autosave #99
                            execute  script' replaceGame("mav.vis")'
                - call by other action:
                            hide "Main interface"
                            hide "inventory"
                            hide "secondary interface"
                            hide "miscallenous"
                            show scene "scene0"
                            remove all items from character "agatha"
                            set command "cursor fleche"

    I still don't understand, but it works fine!

    Thank you! Really, you are very helpful!


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  • #11, by afrlmeWednesday, 06. October, 20:17 2 weeks ago
    No worries. It acts like the reset button on old video game consoles. The problem with Visionaire & using autosave/quicksave for as new game is that the cache can still contain information in it & for some reason VS might use that which means that sometimes you end up with things that have happened already in the current session being the same in old save files you load.

    replaceGame() however relaunches the game & purges the cache so it's like a fresh session.


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