Some questions regarding features in Visionaire

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    What sort of display problems? I don't tend to follow posts/news written on game blogs & magazines, too often.

    From what I recall, some people had black screens upon loading the game, others had crashes once they finished a part of the game (black screen too if I recall correctly). One person from what Ive read had problems after replacing their graphics card. So probably mainly to do with drivers from what I can tell.

    Scary for an indie that focuses on the visual aspect rather than the programing side of things razz but again, I guess this would have little to do with the user and more with how Visionaire works on these graphic cards.

    The thing about the bugs is that they will more likely than not be engine related unless it is down to how you have setup something in the editor. If it is the latter then, that would be your problem to iron out. If it is engine related then you can submit a bug report & see if it gets fixed for the next engine update. The plan is that from the 4.0 final release (onwards) to release small updates more regularly with bug fixes & small improvements & a larger update every so often containing improvements, bug fixes & possibly even a new feature or 2.

    Well if it would be my problem, I would guess it would have to do a lot with me programming in Lua, which is why I am a bit hesitant, getting into Lua without scripting tutorial guidance that is.

    Let's just forget about the splash/branding stuff for now eh? & I never implied that you were holding anything against Daedalic. They can do whatever they want I suppose - as long as they keep purchasing the commercial license for their games! wink wink razz

    I did not imply that you implied that, just wanted to make sure that it was only an neutral observation, regardless of what was said.
    Apologies if it stood out as otherwise.

    P.S: if you mentioned what sort of puzzles you were after then I could - if time allows - probably write up & share some scripts & mini-text tutorials to the Visionaire Studio wiki. Simon could be right in the lack of tutorials for puzzles & mini-games being due to the fact that they are not always that simple to make & quite a few will probably require some complex if else queries or even lua script to make them work. It is lua by the way & not LUA. It's not an abbreviation or acronym of anything particular. It means moon in Portuguese. smile

    That is very nice of you to offer help smile
    You can be sure Its not that I would want to have people code the puzzles from scratch and make them complete, just show a signpost to where one should head. Otherwise it would be more fair to take someone aboard to make the coding smile.
    More of a documentation, or perphaps templates for sale?
    Perphaps selling the templates in the shop would be a neat idea?

    Well, the puzzles I had in mind weren't something incredibly complex or original, just the standard puzzles that give the person a breather.
    Similar in function to ginger while eating sushi, to simply clear the gamers "taste buds" if you will smile
    So perhaps:
    1) a puzzle as in solve the jigsaw puzzle, (perhaps after finding the pieces in the game - or not),
    2) a sequential puzzle, do something in the correct order, for example match the sounds in the correct order. This would also work in puzzles where folks need to press the buttons/levers in a correct order. This would branch out into a lot more different puzzles. A lot more.
    3) a puzzle with similar functionality like the pipes in "A Whispered World", where you have to close the circuit (the pipe puzzle), so basically on pressing the state of the image would change and the ID of it would change to suit the ID that has been programed, each image being a different ID. So again simmilar to the second puzzle.

    PS. Regarding Lua, I did do some reading so I was aware behind of the meaning, more of a typo than anything else smile
    No doubt it is a derivative of the word Luna, which stands for the moon goddess as well as moon in Latin, which went on to become Lunar in English and probably Lua in Portugese smile


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    I was going to mention Luna being moon in Spanish. I have lived in Spain for over 10 years now, but I'm originally from the UK.

    Quick question: have you checked out our official wiki? If you check for instance the manual section (it's far from complete, I've not had much time recently) then you can find a link to my Lua script stuff. & there's information & guides to lots of other stuff too.

    The Script index is especially useful to check out as I have compiled most of my lua scripts & functions on that page with instructions on how to implement them. Plus most of my scripts contain comments which explain what each line/function is doing. Very informative. Also on that page is an index of exclusive functions for Visionaire Studio, which I have started creating pages for which contain easy to follow syntax, explanations & examples. Long story short there is probably more lua related material on the wiki than anything else, as I prefer to use lua instead of the editor action parts whenever possible, as it save a lot of time from a workflow perspective.

    You could always ask someone to help with development/coding of your game. Find other people to form a team with, or even offer money or some kind of service for their help... you mentioned you were an artist/animator no? then you could always offer art for help or something.

    Most of the puzzles you mentioned can probably be done using the editor without scripting a single line of lua. But if you can script with lua, the do so, as it saves a lot of time to write a few lines of code than click, click, click like a madman - I'm referring to locating, selecting & editing the required action parts needed to sort out specific events.


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