Some pictures get broken

  • #10, by petemqMonday, 11. March 2013, 22:15 8 years ago
    we had that problem once with photoshop pngs just as you described. The curious thin about them was: We just mirrored one image. The image itself didn't work, the mirrored one did. I cannot explain this, but if you just change 1px it sometimes changes the whole thingie


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  • #11, by mowrenWednesday, 13. March 2013, 09:48 8 years ago
    It's paint.NET
    And sometimes i can't chose "Alpha-Kanal".
    Just like in the first two pictures, i can't click on it.
    You have to choose 32bit when exporting from The Photoshop setting for 8Bit is per colour channel. That means a PNG with Alpha transparency is a 32bit file (4 Channels, RGBA). If you're asked about compression choose no interlacing. Interlaced images won't work with Visionaire.

    And as a further note: Always work with 32bit PNGs. They will be transformed to 32bit colourspace anyway because modern graphics cards only work properly with that. Therefore it's futile to try to save memory space with lower bitrate settings for the PNG files.


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  • #12, by HarveyWednesday, 13. March 2013, 13:36 8 years ago
    Thank you! 32bit works smile


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