Select verb under cursor when text skipped

  • #1, by tom-hardwidgeThursday, 05. November, 12:46 2 weeks ago

    When playing my game, some players try to select another verb while the character is still speaking.

    Is it possible to add a listener to detect when text has been skipped, and automatically select the verb underneath the cursor if there is one? Or is there a more efficient way to achieve this?



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  • #2, by sebastianFriday, 06. November, 11:26 2 weeks ago
    when text is spoken, the engine switches  to a mode where the click will skip the text.
    clicking on something else therefore isnt possible with ease.

    What you could do to illiminate the assumption of clicking these verbs is to grey out or disable the verbs to make them look disabled. So my solution here would be to prevent users from thinking that its even possible razz

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  • #3, by tom-hardwidgeFriday, 06. November, 17:15 2 weeks ago
    Thank you. That's what I've done as an extra measure anyway, so I'll keep that in. ??


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