Scenes not showing on a different computer

  • #1, by beto_138Saturday, 27. April 2019, 18:09 5 years ago

    Visionaire is working a bit weird regarding scenes, when I open the .ved project in my computer.

    We are using dropbox, so I have the same folder structure available and I'm using the same project file when opening Visionaire.

    The project has an extense list of scenes, as it can be seen in the first image.
    However, the ones I can see are way fewer, as it can be seen in the second image.

    Anyone have an idea of what's going on and what could we do?
    I tried re-downloading the whole project and it remained the same.
    This is also the only project I opened in Visionaire in this current computer.


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  • #2, by denis-Saturday, 27. April 2019, 20:13 5 years ago
    Hi Beto
    Your version is full licensed or demo version...single or multi user?


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  • #3, by afrlmeSaturday, 27. April 2019, 22:43 5 years ago
    looks like you are using the evaluation version on your other pc. evaluation version only shows the first 10 scenes in the list. the rest are still there, but they are hidden.

    & oh, you are working on viggo with Simon? you really redownloaded all 20gb+ again? damn.


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  • #4, by beto_138Sunday, 28. April 2019, 00:12 5 years ago
    Thank you! 

    I feel really dumb right now for having forgotten to check this hahah

    When I started to work on Viggo I bought me a license, but when I installed on the new computer I didn't input the license code (wasn't prompted either, then forgot)

    Yes I am <3
    Hahahah yeah 


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