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  • #1, by eldakanTuesday, 02. April 2019, 18:40 5 years ago
    I have a short question.
    Is it possible to have two actions happening at the same time. I want to have some of my characters a little introductionary conversation, and while character X talks, character Y should be entering the szene. Momentarily X talks and then Y enters the szene, because I listed the actions like that in the actions tab.
    also I am a Lua-Noob, but if it works with that I would be willing to learn some parts of that too.
    Thanks in advance!


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  • #2, by caligarimarteTuesday, 02. April 2019, 18:54 5 years ago
    For the first Character's Talking-Action, set it to Background-Text (a Checkbox in the Actionpart) and then between the two Actionparts you add a Pause-Actionpart and maybe set it to a few Seconds or so.

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  • #3, by afrlmeTuesday, 02. April 2019, 20:45 5 years ago
    Order also matters, so if you were to use non-background display texts/narration text action parts, take into consideration that they pause the action list in the action block that they are located in until they end/or are manually skipped.

    Alternatively, you can create "called by other action" actions that you can rename & call as needed, so something you could do is create one of those & then call it just before you create the display text action part, & because it's a different action block, it should carry on in the background without waiting until the display text ends.


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  • #4, by eldakanWednesday, 03. April 2019, 15:07 5 years ago
    Thanks a lot. 
    I put it as a background text and it works.


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