"Revealing" text as a character speaks

  • #1, by daniel-lowesSaturday, 23. October, 14:31 A month ago
    Is there a way to make the text "appear", left to right, as someone's speaking? Perhaps by putting a texture over it and moving it at a fixed pace? Like in old RPGs, for example. I already have a solid colour background for all the text, if that helps. Doesn't need to move at precisely the same speed as the voice line, I just want the approximate effect of the text being spoken in realtime instead of it all being visible at once.


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 24. October, 12:34 A month ago
    If you mean a typewriter style effect, then yes it's possible but it requires scripting. Simon was planning on implementing text draw in effects into VS at some point, but I don't know when he will get around to sorting that out, so far now unfortunately the only way to go about it is via scripting.

    Anyway, it's a little complicated right now as you need to store the actual text inside of a variable or table array & then you need to hide the original text & redraw it with Lua draw while slowly increasing the range of the text that is shown or by taking the stored text & sticking it in another table one character at a time which Lua draw will be using to get the string data from that it is drawing on the screen.


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  • #3, by PanSSunday, 24. October, 17:02 A month ago
    As afrlme wrote with scripting its possible. The speechbubble tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV6Fh_baPkk) from Sebastian has a part to remove the standard drawn text and put in your own text presentation system. From that its not far away to build in a typwriter style text function. But its maybe to complex for a beginner.


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