Random speak of the character?

  • #1, by AkcayKaraazmakWednesday, 26. August 2015, 00:43 9 years ago
    Hi there,
    How I can make my character speak randomly? I have diffrent sound files and i want to play them randomly through the scenes by the character. Any ideas mates?


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  • #2, by CrossWednesday, 26. August 2015, 09:52 9 years ago
    You can ad actions (like play soundfile) to a frame of an animation. So you could ad them to different idle animations of the character which are played randomly after a certain time when the character isn't moving. For that you could just copy the normal standing animation to the idle section or create new animations.
    If you want them also to play when the character is walking/doing something you would have to create a loop action with a timer.


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