qustion about money system and arrow keys

  • #1, by c-wolfSunday, 22. November 2015, 14:16 9 years ago
    hi everyone.
    for a while now i have been looking at Visionaire studio to use for making a game i have in mind and have been spending a lot of time checking out different tutorials so i have a pretty good grasp of how it works, but i dont know if you are able to create a money system that would allow my character to earn and spent money unlocking new options in the game.
    also want to have a mini ship game where you control a ship and it's canon with the arrows and space key, similar to the ship game from "the curse of monkey Island" can you do that in Visionaire?
    could someone point me in to a good tutorial that might help me learn this?


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 22. November 2015, 14:44 9 years ago
    1. Yes you could have a money based system. All it requires is a value in which you add, store & remove money from.

    2. You mean the naval combat mini-game? Hmm... I believe it would be possible, but might be better off waiting until the next release of Visionaire Studio as keyboard control should be better supported due to fully integrated controller support. The cannon / projectile part is somewhat trickier as we don't have an instance create / destroy system, so you would have to manually create some animations for cannon balls (projectiles, whatever) that can be recycled, then you would have to snap their position to the position of your ship character & then check the current direction of your ship to calculate which angle they should travel at when you fire them, then you would need to run a loop to determine if their position + radius value comes into contact with another ship to impact or if distance traveled without contact equals or is greater than something to miss & disintegrate or something. In other words it's all quite complicated. A mini-game like this would be easy to make in Game Maker because it supports instance create & destroy & has collision detection & destruction action options already built into the engine. VS is a point & click engine so it didn't really need any of those features.


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  • #3, by c-wolfSunday, 22. November 2015, 14:58 9 years ago
    i see thank you very much for you fast reply smile
    i'll take some more time and think over what to do.


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  • #4, by MachtnixThursday, 25. February 2016, 19:21 9 years ago
    I tried this cannon thing and I used characters as cannonballs. Even my cannon is a character with some angle animations turning to target object. A loop corrected the cannon's position to the ship every 100 ms.
    So cannonballs find their way to the objects with "go to object" themself. Of course you need some action areas or triggers to start an explosion and a destroy sequence, which I'm still working on. In my beta game the spaceship is yet fixed to fit the cannon and the ship together, but I think a good scripter will be able to make both parts movable with cursor keys. I'm not... :-(


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