Puzzle Design Thread (for classic adventure Lucasarts style or Sierra)

  • #50, by gabartsTuesday, 20. June 2017, 14:52 4 years ago
    Here we are again smile
    Let say I have several goals to complete but you can complete in different order of course. Or like a score system at the end. I need sort of global value to check how many goals have been completed. Where to use this value and how to make it progressive? Hope is clear

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  • #51, by esmeraldaTuesday, 20. June 2017, 17:06 4 years ago
    When using actions:
    As far as I know visionaire doesn't care where you put your values or conditions. You can put it with your character, scene, object... basicly wherever you like. Best put it somewhere logic so that you can find it again.

    There is an action "set value" to increase/decrease (and other operations) your value.

    So if you have completed one goal, set your value +1 and check if you reached your max number (= number of your goals).

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