Paradigm ART DUMP

  • #10, by afrlmeMonday, 17. February 2014, 18:30 9 years ago
    Fun video. smile
    I could see it being used for an intro video for a kickstarter campaign; minus the swearing parts mind.

    Looks like it will be quite a bizarre, wacky game! grin


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  • #11, by vkouroubMonday, 17. February 2014, 21:11 9 years ago
    Unique style....Congratulations.


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  • #12, by ScubidubiTuesday, 18. March 2014, 18:38 9 years ago
    I would like to highfive you via this beloved forum and post.

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  • #13, by DilatedSaturday, 05. April 2014, 17:31 8 years ago
    denismarani I'll definitely hook you up when it comes out haha
    AFRLme hehe nothing wrong with a little cursing razz Thanks mate!
    vkouroubCheers man
    Scubidub Aww yis, the power of the internet, I felt that!

    Here is a little update of a few things that I've been doing

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  • #14, by DilatedThursday, 28. August 2014, 13:02 8 years ago
    Wanted to post an update of some of the stuff I've been doing on Paradigm, check it out grin

    Also some non Paradigm related stuff which covers Adventure games.

    Fan art I made for the youtube channel, Steam Train

    A little fan made "what if Lucas Arts made a Star Wars Adventure game with Han Solo

    Hope you guys enjoy it grin I'll be launching my Kickstarter on Sept 7, if you want to know exactly when it goes live. Sign up on the mailing list on the website

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  • #15, by AlexThursday, 28. August 2014, 13:21 8 years ago
    this looks awesome! love it smile
    I hope your kickstarter campaign is successful, good luck!

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  • #16, by ikarusThursday, 28. August 2014, 13:36 8 years ago
    Great job! I love that bizarre universe. Keep us updated about development.


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  • #17, by SDMonoThursday, 28. August 2014, 15:19 8 years ago
    Has a great Space Quest Vibe to it. Good luck with the Kickstarter campaign!!! I definitely want to play it!!!

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  • #18, by andiliddellThursday, 28. August 2014, 16:58 8 years ago
    Excellent art style and an amazingly original concept.. really looking forward to this.

    Roll on the kick-starter, I'll get my cash card ready!

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  • #19, by DilatedFriday, 29. August 2014, 18:36 8 years ago
    Alex! Thanks man :3
    Ikarus Will do grin
    SDMono Aww yis thanks man. I'll upload the demo as soon as we get the latest bug fix for the engine.
    andiliddell Sweet thanks for the kind words, I'll get my internet high fives ready!

    Some more stuff

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  • #20, by ke4Friday, 29. August 2014, 19:20 8 years ago
    This game looks fantastic! Keep it up. How long are you working on that?

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