• #10, by ???st?? ??t????Wednesday, 25. January 2017, 15:08 6 years ago
    Okay, thank you.  smile


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  • #11, by sethdrosopoulosWednesday, 01. March 2017, 09:15 6 years ago
    Hello friend.
    I have sent you a message a while ago regarding possible collaboration. 
    I am on the same boat with you but more than eager to develop an old school point and click adventure.
    I am located in Athens.Are you in Athens too?



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  • #12, by darren-beckettWednesday, 01. March 2017, 18:22 6 years ago
    I don't think you will find an engine that is as easy to use and feature rich as Visionaire.

    Great Poster

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