Moving character only to left and right

  • #1, by xemencoWednesday, 18. June 2014, 13:27 10 years ago

    How can I only move my character to left and right direction ?
    I specified the way borders/points but the character still can move to other directions.
    or if it works,it is hard to click on way borders , because it is so thin.

    btw is there a way to move character with Arrow Keys ? maybe with Lua script !

    Thanks in advance


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 18. June 2014, 13:34 10 years ago
    Yeah actually there is (keyboard movement)... I don't remember the thread name/link but if you go back a few pages or so via the pages in the forum link then you will probably find it.

    The way paths are more of a guideline thing than anything set in stone. To force your character to only walk left or right then you should only add animations for the directions you want to the character outfit. Also you create the way borders really close together to prevent character from moving up/down.

    P.S: VS may be getting gamepad support sometime in the near future (fingers crossed).


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