Lightmap tutorial?

  • #10, by tristan-kangSunday, 18. October 2015, 22:10 6 years ago
    This is the latest tried version of the image. It doesn't tint character black, but it does tint character purple (just like it's background image). And the light effects didn't work.

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  • #11, by ke4Sunday, 18. October 2015, 22:13 6 years ago
    Yeah it doesn't have to be grey color, this looks fine, should work i suppose.

    This is mine which works fine.

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  • #12, by afrlmeMonday, 19. October 2015, 00:19 6 years ago
    You need to think about where you place the various light tints in your light map. Remember to take in consideration that it is the characters position (based on the character animation center you specified for each of your characters animations) that determines the tint the character will be. You may need to offset your light tints to allow the character to tint correctly.

    In other words: think about which areas the character will / should be standing.


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  • #13, by sebastianTuesday, 20. October 2015, 08:30 6 years ago
    are all animations (also animations from scene objects which don't have a center) affected by the lightmap?

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  • #14, by afrlmeTuesday, 20. October 2015, 12:25 6 years ago
    Light maps only affect the tint of characters. If you want one to affect the entire scene then I recommend adding them as images inside of scene objects, as that way you can apply a tint over things in / behind a specific z-index (object center) order instead. Getting it to look right though would be another thing mind.

    Alternatively you could use the Shader to directly apply lighting to your scenes which would affect things in a more dynamic way.


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