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  • #20, by LebosteinThursday, 01. February 2018, 21:07 3 years ago
    I see, that the game with Visionaire 3.7 runs in a virtual 1024 x 768 mode on MacBook. It seems the MacBook scaled the game from 1024 x 768 to 1280 x 800 with a clear scaling mode (--> Mac OS scales the graphics). And now with Visionaire 4.25 the game uses the Desktop resolution 1280 x 800 and the game graphics are scaled by Visionaire (--> the Engine scales the graphics).

    PS: In my case the little little bit blurring doesn't bother. I don't kow how the game looks on 2k or 4k monitors....

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  • #21, by smac96Thursday, 01. February 2018, 23:08 3 years ago
    So far nobody reported any bug issues on the 1.0.1 (Visionaire 3.7.1) Mac OS version and for the moment we keep it as current public release. It works very well. We wanted anyway let try the new version to Mac users too and hear what they think about it. This way they have both choices. That's the reason why the 1.0.2 (Visionaire 4.2.5) Mac OS version it is still on beta smile
    PS: "Activate pixel effect" is not selected


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