Inventory scrolling problems

  • #10, by brut69Monday, 28. July 2014, 12:25 10 years ago
    When is the newest version coming out? I can not debug my game unless this is fixed. It is annoying to be forced to build the game each time I want to debug it.

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  • #11, by AlexMonday, 28. July 2014, 20:50 10 years ago
    it's getting close. hopefully in less than 1 week...

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  • #12, by andiliddellThursday, 14. August 2014, 01:21 10 years ago
    I'm not sure if my inventory issue is related, but its happening in v4.0 final:

    At a point in my game, I remove about 10 items from the player (leaving them with about 10 others). The problem is the next time you open the inventory, it's still scrolled to the far right, making it look like you only have two items, but if you scroll back to the left it reveals the others.

    Is there a way to force the inventory back to scroll position zero?

    Many thanks

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  • #13, by cr34m3Thursday, 14. August 2014, 20:35 10 years ago
    I can confirm that the issue has been resolved in VS4.0.1. Thanks Alex.


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