Improvements for VS 5 or 6 or even later - just ideas

  • #100, by afrlmeSunday, 15. November 2015, 16:18 8 years ago
    Let's see...

    1. I tend to create separators in my scene & character lists. So I end up adding all global conditions / values / actions etc into the separators at the top of my scene & character lists.

    2. Very good, but I don't like using dragged item method for various reasons. It looks much better when you create a custom cursor. The idea of having an active / inactive state would be good. There's no reason to have static image section really - might as well just use inactive / active system same as the mouse cursors - you can always set to infinite loop.

    5. Like what?

    4 & 6. According to Simon: in the next build we should be able to display images & text (with various parameter options) via Lua script. Which means they don't need to be assigned to anything in the editor.

    8. That's a nice idea. Would certainly save a few clicks.

    9. Don't forget about the and & or operators as they also reduce the amount of end if's required to close off an if query.

    18. eh?

    20. Simon mentioned that the blocks would be collapsible / float optional or something, so why not go one better & just have option to enable a block that allows you to type / display a comment for the selected action part / module.

    22. Don't understand this one. If a pause action part is not added to your character actions & you haven't activated a cut-scene or hidden the cursor with the hide cursor action part then you should still be allowed to click / set new destination for the active character. Pause actions only affect the action block in which they are executed.

    23. Ideally VS needs more if query options in general. If item "x" is in inventory is a good example. If scene is "x" scene. If item is held [x, any]. etc. etc.


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  • #101, by Simon_ASASunday, 15. November 2015, 16:46 8 years ago
    So many great ideas here smile

    23. Ideally VS needs more if query options in general. If item "x" is in inventory is a good example.


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