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  • #1, by 2501Monday, 12. August 2013, 01:21 11 years ago

    Very new here, so greetings and salutations too all of you.

    After working through some tutorials I wanted to try something using my own graphics. So, like in the tutorial, it starts in a room with a door. But when I imported the door animation it showed up too small. About 30% smaller than the door of the room. It should be the same size, I simply copied the picture. I'm on 3.7.1, the files are png with an alpha channel. It works fine with the tutorial files.

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Or maybe it's a bug? If so, maybe there's a way to work around it?

    Thanks for any help!


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 12. August 2013, 01:39 11 years ago
    some screenshots please? wink


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  • #3, by 2501Monday, 12. August 2013, 01:57 11 years ago
    Sorry smile


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  • #4, by 2501Monday, 12. August 2013, 14:18 11 years ago
    okay, so I'm still not sure what I did wrong, but if anybody else has the same problem, here's what helped:

    The original background file was saved in photoshop. I opened it up with preview in OSX and just saved it again (png, alpha channel). Then I imported the newly saved file and when I added the door animation files they had the correct size. So it was the background. And apparently something (I did?) in photoshop.


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  • #5, by brut69Friday, 23. August 2013, 23:27 11 years ago
    Sometimes when you change an image or animation, Visionaire needs to "refresh". If you click on another scene and then return back to the scene that you are working on , it will show you the new fresh version of it.

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