how to running my character with double click button ?

  • #10, by sebastianThursday, 08. February 2018, 22:44 12 months ago
    i wrote a few sentences on the discord server. Even reduced to only use double click seems to be buggy.

    double click gets only triggered if excessively clickrd very fast. Nothing comparable to a normal double click you may use to open an application. 

    I never used double click, so i cant compare to the behavioir before. Also not sure if there is a workaround using Lua mouse handler (guess this will  end up with the same results). 

    Currently i see no way to use double click without side effects...

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  • #11, by wimfThursday, 08. February 2018, 22:49 12 months ago
    Thank you Sebastian

    I think it's something that Simon will have to check, we will not be able to solve it ourselves without correcting the bug I guess ....

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