How to make "stop from the running" animation?

  • #10, by ukdesignerFriday, 05. August 2016, 00:43 5 years ago
    Is there anywhere we can make official feature requests such as this
    "Into Walk" / "Out of Walk" and similar for Run cycles in Visionaire Studio?

    It would be useful for many people, especially very animation heavy games. This would take design up that extra level, also above games such as Monkey Island (animation wise) since they don't even use start/stops.

    Whenever I see a Visionaire game, the one thing which slams handbreaks on from making these games look really, really pretty, is the way animations never work together... There just isn't the capabilities to transition between animations.(As far as I know I could be wrong)

    I would personally love to "go to town" with start and stop animations, and all it would really take in the engine generically, would be an extra animation set for these motions. I will be purchasing a full license if my project gets moving, and Visionaire can provide enough features, and so far it does the majority of things I need for my game.

    Into/Out of walk/run cycles is useful for 2d Animated characters, but I feel it's compulsory for 3d characters if they are too look polished.

    Thanks smile


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  • #11, by afrlmeFriday, 05. August 2016, 02:18 5 years ago
    You can technically create start & stop animations, but it requires sacrificing your soul to the devil & other such similar things...

    But, no, in reality you can actually achieve begin walk, end walk & smooth rotation if you have the technical knowhow & are willing to delve into the scripting side of the engine, now aside from that I believe some new animation options may be on the table in a later update of Visionaire Studio (I'm not aware of any being included in the next update, but they have been frequently requested over the past year or so).

    Quick note: smooth begin & end - well mostly the end walk animations require taking note of the frame number the walk animation was on at the time the character reaches its destination as you would need to sync the end animation to match said frame as simply playing a end animation might look a little strange, though if that's all you wanted to do then you could just create a loop to listen out for when a characters state changes from idle to walking & back to idle & when that happens you trigger the ending animation for the current direction the character is facing.


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