How to have 3D characters?

  • #10, by brut69Tuesday, 22. July 2014, 18:35 9 years ago
    No. When I did that in the past the file turned out huge and it was doing basically what I am saying above.
    The best and fastest way to do it is to render your 3D character into single .pngs the same way a 2D character is added. You still get the 3D effect with half the hassle.

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  • #11, by foremmaTuesday, 22. July 2014, 19:28 9 years ago
    Okay I got it working the .png way. i'm disappointed i have to do the character animation kind of a cop-out way instead of a more legit/professional way, but it'll have to do, i guess

    btw if anyone needs a good, easy 3D animation program, iclone is great...basically generates the character for you and has a bunch of customization options including lip syncing and talking/walking animations, and lets you export animations as png sequences grin


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  • #12, by afrlmeTuesday, 22. July 2014, 20:02 9 years ago
    haha a more legit/professional way! razz

    It is the 2d animation way! wink

    I have iClone, but not gotten around to looking over it properly yet, nor have I had chance to connect kinect up to it yet.


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