How do i.. do literally anything??

  • #1, by noel-27810Saturday, 12. June, 19:16 A month ago
    This is my first time making a game that's not in rpg maker.

    I can't even figure out how to make a menu? i found a youtube channel that has tutorials for mostly every feature (but not on how to make a menu) and every other tutorial i found are YEARS old and aren't much help.

    Can you even make a menu? If i can could someone link me to a tutorial that teaches how to make a "New Game", "Options" ( this one isn't so important, so if an options menu isn't possible, it's all good ) and an "Exit"  button, i'd really really appreciate it!

    The next thing is; i want to make a game that's in the point of view of my character ( meaning there are no characters on screen ) and i was wondering how i could do that.

    Those are all of the thing im having trouble with. If any of these things aren't possible, are there any other programs i should check out? maybe ones that are a bit easier to navigate or have more tutorials online? Thank you!


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  • #2, by christianSunday, 13. June, 00:40 A month ago
    Hello. I am new to this too, but it should be possible via creating a scene as start-scene and setting areas to buttons on a background that refer to other scenes (start game) or exiting the game on click.

    Also there's an english TUT is about creating menus - called "menu 101"

    Theres a german tutorial that teaches creating a save/load screen. I think that could help too. Its nearly the same and for visionaire 5.x.


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  • #3, by afrlmeSunday, 13. June, 20:10 A month ago
    The menu 101 tutorial doesn't really cover a right lot. Started it, got sidetracked & forgot all about it.

    To be honest the menu isn't very important. You can actually sort that out last. What is important is creating your scenes & getting your gameplay mechanics down. Check out Sebastian's tutorial series here  (if you speak/understand German) or if you don't then check out the tutorial series by William here (which are in English).

    To be honest if you follow along with either of them on how to build a scene, I'm sure from that experience that you will figure out how the engine works & how to build a menu from what you've learnt while building a scene & exploring the available action parts & different sections of the editor.

    As for first person, you can find a template by Nigec here, but it's just a basic template, so take it with a pinch of salt because there's plenty of other ways to go about creating first person myst-like games; which you will likely learn/figure out over time as you learn the engine & possibly learn the scripting language, if that's something you are interested in doing.

    By the way, I would highly recommend joining our discord server @ as you are much more likely to get help there much faster than on here & you can ask quick questions on there much easier seeing as it's essentially a multi-channel chatroom. wink


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