How can I get text to show up on the screen?

  • #1, by ra-lionsSunday, 05. March, 00:09 3 weeks ago
    Hello, the title pretty much somes up what im trying to do, new to the program and i have the cursor switch when i mouse over object areas but im making the game with no character on screen so kind of a first person view, how ever i can seem to find the option to get text to show up on the screen rather then over a characters head.

    basicly i would like to click the obj and when i do that i would like a "Chat Box" to appear and next to type into it or just appear would work as well. 

    any anyone tell me how to do this or show me a tutorial ? i cant find one of those for this either roll    Thank you, the program is so good 


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 05. March, 02:32 3 weeks ago
    Check out the miscellaneous action part category. There's an action part called "display narration text" that will allow you to select the font, alignment, & position to display the text. It's the same as "display text", except it's not tied to a character.

    Quick note: I would however recommend using script to force texts instead as it's less hassle than using narration texts & manually positioning them each time. I'm not going to explain how to do that here though, & especially now seeing as it's 2:30 am here.

    I would highly encourage you to join our Discord server as you are much likely to get faster replies to your questions than on here; or at the very least, get pointed in the right direction.


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  • #3, by ra-lionsSunday, 05. March, 16:56 3 weeks ago
    Hello and thank you for the reply, i will  join the discord and try out both methods, though i do not know how to handle a script either i will try and find out haha


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