Hide Object Image during Animation (BUG)

  • #1, by darren-beckettWednesday, 20. October, 10:17 A month ago
    This is a known issue, that the object image is still visible whilst playing an object animation.

    But the workaround of setting the object visibility to 0, before playing the animation does nor work anymore.

    Can please add this bug to your backlog: "Hide Object Image during Object Animation"

    This is the original post where it was discussed:

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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 20. October, 11:50 A month ago
    It's not a bug apparently, it hiding the object image was a bug. Animations aren't actually part of the objects themselves. When you play an animation you are just drawing it on the scene as a separate entity & all creating the animation inside of the animation tab of an object is doing is determining the z-index (object center) for the animation to dictate which layer the animation will be drawn on.

    You need to create separate objects. One for the static sprite & another for any animations you want to use for it, or just use all animations instead - don't forget that you can create looping animations that contain only a single animation frame.


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  • #3, by darren-beckettWednesday, 20. October, 14:06 A month ago
    Ok thanks.
    As this is not a bug, I will adjust things to work with the current functionality.

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