Font settings bug? (no space between words)

  • #1, by matthias-kleinThursday, 12. November, 18:07 A week ago
    Hello everyone.

    I'm not able to change all my font settings any more.

    The fonst is displayed without any space between the words.
    I can't edit the space settings any more (red marked area in the screenshot).

    Any suggestions?



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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 12. November, 23:12 A week ago
    You've circled the wrong settings there. You can't change the line or word spacing for TTF/OTF fonts. It's the option just above that you need to change, the one that says -3, which controls the space in between each letter.

    The reason there's no space is because you are shifting all of the letters backwards by 3 pixels. Just increase the value from -3 to 0 or higher.


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  • #3, by matthias-kleinFriday, 13. November, 06:56 A week ago
    Hey afrlme,

    ehm... ok. Why didn't I try this myself?
    I seem a bit out of practice.

    Thank you for your help!



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