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  • #10, by ygmantellSunday, 05. July 2015, 05:39 6 years ago
    Now, When I run the game, The background image scrolls upward so I can see the whole image. I do not want that. I purposely left space at the bottom of the background blank for the interface. Now that space is visible.

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  • #11, by sebastianSunday, 05. July 2015, 10:51 6 years ago
    set your interface to absolute and set the offset so tjat it appears over the bottom part of your scenes.

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  • #12, by afrlmeSunday, 05. July 2015, 12:37 6 years ago
    Watch the TUTORIAL videos!

    Your scene will scroll when the character walks if the background width &/or height is larger than the default game resolution you defined in the game tab. There is no reason at all to add/leave a space for the interface. Visible interfaces will be layered on top of scenes & everything else apart from the cursor & text.

    Set the interface to absolute position to set a custom interface position, which is based on current viewport. So 0, 0 will set the top left pixel of the interface to the top left corner. Now let's say your default resolution is 1920x1080 & your interface is 1920x200 & you want to display the interface at the bottom then the coordinates would be 0, 880. 880 is 1080 - 200. Simple enough.

    Anyway! Watch the tutorial videos.


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  • #13, by ygmantellSunday, 05. July 2015, 15:41 6 years ago
    I figured it out, thanks.

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