Character speech being heard outside of scene

  • #10, by afrlmeTuesday, 07. February 2017, 16:04 5 years ago
    Interesting idea. Unfortunately there's currently no method for controlling volume level independently for speech files linked to texts or for setting a custom speech volume for each character. I think being able to adjust the speech volume for each character would probably be the better solution, but not sure how it would work as there would need to be some kind of event listener adjusting volume of any active texts associated with the current character.


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  • #11, by ke4Thursday, 09. February 2017, 11:19 5 years ago
    A punk solution: I'm gonna faking it all.

    Changing scenes
    Problem: When i'm changing scenes the character freezes until the next display text action part.

    Solution: I'm gonna have these two scenes as a one Visionare scene positioned next to each other limitled by the ScrollableArea so only one can be visible at at time and teleporting and faking the transition between scenes.

    Changing sound for the second scene
    Problem: I need a different sound of the speech with some filter on the second scene. I could use another language for that and changing it on scene change but that doesn't update until the next display text action part.

    Solution: I'm gonna separate the audio from the character completely. I will start a long audio file containing all the sentences while starting a action block with all the sentences as display text action parts. I will set the exact display time for each display text action part to sync it with the audio.
    I will have two audio files actually. One with the filter. Not sure what's better. To play them both the whole time and just be controlling the volume or playing only one at a time and starting the other one based on the ms offset.
    I will do one of this method on the scene change though.
    ( They are background texts so they can't be skipped so the syncing won't get broken )

    Hiding the text when main character is speaking
    Problem: I need to hide the character's text while the main character is speaking so there are not two texts at the same time. I could hide the text by clearing the linked font for the character but it also updates only when the next display text action part starts.

    Solution: I'm gonna position the text for the character out of the screen while the main character is speaking with the hook fucntion.

    I will also be decreasing the volume of the character but that should not be a problem i will just change the sound properties for the moment.

    So thanks all for yours suggestions! smile

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