Big Sur users - Crashing Issue

  • #1, by nick-lSaturday, 21. November, 15:54 2 days ago
    Hello I'm wondering if there are any Big Sur users in the forum. It seems that my mac builds are not stable under Big Sur and I get the occasional crash after a few minutes of gameplay. I tried to rebuild the games in Big Sur but that didn't help either. Catalina is a much more stable environment.

    The windows builds are just fine of course.

    Also the editor itself doesn't render correctly when I don't use an external display on my Mac on Big Sur with the text being hard to read. Is anyone experiencing the same?


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  • #2, by sebastianSaturday, 21. November, 17:07 2 days ago
    not updated yet.
    Are you talking about issues with the compiled game or also in the editor player?

    Regarding Texts:
    Check if font smoothing is active in your system preferences. Not sure if there are different settings for different monitors

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  • #3, by nick-lSaturday, 21. November, 17:21 2 days ago
    Actually both the player and the compiled version.

    I searched for the setting. It looks like the font smoothing option has been removed from Apple but this command will disable it from terminal. 

    defaults -currentHost write -g AppleFontSmoothing -int 0

    I will try later on, to see the effect on the editor.


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