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  • #1, by lukisumiloMonday, 16. March 2015, 10:36 10 years ago
    Have you got any favourite technique to make a scenario for adventure game? Just a story like a novel or maybe a script like a movie? A problem with „classic” form could be connecting the storyline with a dialogues network and many items... I think about using an application to create diagrams but I'd like to know your opinion.
    Sorry If already exits subject like that on forum, I could't find any.


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  • #2, by DANOSAURFriday, 20. March 2015, 22:25 10 years ago
    Hey @lukisumilo

    well I guess just have to explore the right process for you. I strongly believe in that there is no success recipe for the process of creation. It is bound to the individuals tastes, believes, experience, etc.

    ** This whole text is based on my opinions, preferences and point of views. So don´t get mad at me if you don´t agree with anything I wrote. **
    I can just tell you how I like approaching it.
    First of all I would write out (just a quick brainstorm) all the things that come to my mind that I should consider to create and finish an adventure game.
    Something like:
    - Project Overview Document
    - Roadmap for the Project
    - Funding (if you have to hire professionals)

    - Story / Genre
    - Tone (funny, serious, etc.)
    - Art Style (Pixel, Cartoon, 3D, 2.5D, etc.)
    - Character Design
    - Music
    - SoundFx
    - Dialogue - Voices/ Subtitles
    - Programming
    - Existing Game Engines

    - Publication
    - Social Media
    - Marketing

    (Always keep in mind that you probably have to collaborate with people... you really shouldn´t do all by yourself, especially when you know people who are experts in design, programming, compositing, etc. and who are willing to help you out)

    This gives a brief overview of the task fields you will have to master to create an adventure game. If you start with planning out a production pipeline or if you start writing a story first is up to your situation. I´d rather start out with making an idea a story and then think about how I could actually realize my story.

    The story is the most important thing to me. Without a well told and exciting story there will be no exciting game.
    If I have an exciting Idea I start writing it down just as it´s coming out of my imagination. Then I read it at least two times and write down questions I would have if I was someone exterior. That gives you an idea of what problems your story could cause and what possible consequences that might have. That counts double if you are writing for Games cause you have to keep the interaction side of things in mind (for example: if I want the story to develop in this direction, what would a puzzle look like and would this puzzle work within my story)

    If you think you have finished your story and you are satisfied with it give it to a friend who has actually no idea what you are doing and give it to another friend who is maybe a passionate adventure gamer himself. Then talk to both of them and get an extended feedback on what they liked, disliked, did not understand, etc. and note everything down. They are the fresh set of eyes that will help you perfect your story because you will get kind of narrow minded concerning your story (because you are probably thinking about it all the time and are not able to make objective descisions on your writing).

    In general: question what you are writing constantly, but keep in mind what your main point of the story should be.

    If you need guidelines or inspiration in writing take a look at some screenwriting books, creative writing classes, etc.. There is a lot stuff to check out on the net.

    Next you should think of how your game should look like. What is I see with my inner eye when I read the story, which worlds are created when I close my eyes and think about it???
    Is there anything that inspires me? Maybe a specific art Style, sculptures, Architecture and so on?
    Maybe you should get a PINTEREST account and look for visual inspiration and save those to your pinterest boards. That will give you a great collection of inspiration. You can also look into art books or generally google for images.


    Sorry guys I will stop for now cause I have to do some other stuff now. I think you can get a pretty good idea that there is of course a lot more to take into consideration to create a game.

    I hope the insides of my crazy imagination helped a little HAHA

    Keep it up folks!



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  • #3, by lukisumiloTuesday, 24. March 2015, 12:33 10 years ago
    What a great essay, you should pin it to the „The Art of Storytelling” group wink

    So I think, my 1st step in order to create an adventure game is going to be making some kind of „Game Design Document” but more focused on the art style and story idea than actual gameplay. After that, another documents: one with main character design and second with whole storyline written like tale (without many details, just a couple of A4 pages). Let's see how it works...


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  • #4, by afrlmeTuesday, 24. March 2015, 13:21 10 years ago - some example GDD & pitch documents from various commercial & indie game developers.

    The GDD should be however you want to design it. The general idea of a GDD though is a sort of overview / rough draft / guide line of what you intend to have in your game, or as a guideline document for you & your team to refer to.


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