A Idea...

  • #1, by KamilloSaturday, 02. December 2017, 15:36 6 years ago
    Don´t know...

    Should I go on with this?


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  • #2, by sebastianSaturday, 02. December 2017, 17:30 6 years ago
    ...you mean with the art style?

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  • #3, by KamilloSaturday, 02. December 2017, 18:12 6 years ago
    art style...Idea...


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  • #4, by dionousSaturday, 02. December 2017, 20:18 6 years ago
    well, it depends:

    If you want to eventually sell it, suggest you don't go on; find a real artist.

    On the other hand, if it is just for fun and fill your free time, yeah, why not.

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  • #5, by NigecMonday, 11. December 2017, 14:42 6 years ago
    If the game has a story to tell and its fun and interesting, graphics aren't that big of a deal
    Just have fun and do something you can achieve on your own

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  • #6, by constantinThursday, 14. December 2017, 09:59 6 years ago
    I like this kind of art style. I also believe that you should go on if you have fun doing so. We just had a discussion about illusion and marrative aspects in games. Graphics are just part of it. When i was a kid i moved a white bar up and down on a screen and was convinced it was a tennis simulation. 

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