5.1.3 1210 Update released + Bugfix update 1211

  • #1, by SimonSMonday, 24. August, 11:04 A month ago

    - scene particles system is under object
    - jpeg changed by export
    - crash while search
    - item animations hidden in cursor
    - error about missing fonts in player console
    - text is kept on screen, except set by lua

    - option to disable action parts via context menu
    - the image loading now dynamically resizes the buffers to the images

    Ilios fixes:
    - generators not working 
    - ilios update, render not called
    - ilios works on android
    - action start/stop without function 
    - attach object, button, character 
    - missing shader uniforms
    - better coroutine
    - new class with args

    Bugfix update fixes:
    - android build failed
    - turning in place for objects cancel action
    - interface behaviour not working
    - plugins reloading messes up texts
    - onevent ptr holds the object now

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  • #2, by fabian-schurgersSunday, 30. August, 20:26 A month ago
    Unfortunately, the screen shaking bug after screen zoom
    still persists.


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